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A-Ret Gel is an astonishing topical solution that treats the troubles of acne occurring on the skin. A-Ret Gel makes your pimples vanish and gives your skin the lustrous shine you had always dreamt off. This medication unblocks the clogged pores and thus allows the skin to breathe and produce oil that keeps your skin glowing and free of any pimples, it also prevents the formation of blackheads and whiteheads on the skin, which could deteriorate your whole look. 

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What is the action mechanism of A-Ret Gel .025% (20 gm)?

A-Ret Gel encloses Tretinoin as the main active component. It is a dynamic component and a metabolite of Vitamin A and also possesses keratolytic properties. It hinders the hardening process of an outer layer of skin and sheds the old hardened skin and thus prevents the formation of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads on the skin. This result in a rejuvenated, pimple free, soft and supple skin.

What is the method of using A-Ret Gel .025% (20 gm)?

A-Ret Gel is recommended in the dosing strength of 0.025%w/v in a 20gm tube. Before applying A-Ret Gel makes sure your hands and face are clean and dry. Now apply a thin film over the affected area lightly, once a day, preferably before going to bed. Do not over pile the affected surface with this gel. In contact with eyes or mouth occurs, rinse with plenty of water.

What are the contraindications to the use of A-Ret Gel .025% (20 gm)?

  • Do not use A-Ret Gel if you are allergic to any of the constituent presents in this medication.
  • If you have persisting skin conditions of psoriasis or eczema then using this medicament is inadvisable.
  • In case you have any cut or injuries on your skin then do not use A-Ret Gel.

What are the noxious effects seen with the use of A-Ret Gel .025% (20 gm)?

Some of the commonly seen noxious effects with the use of A-ret gel are skin rashes, redness, mild itching and burning sensation, dryness and flaking of the skin, dryness of the skin, change in the pigmentation of the skin and increased sensitivity towards the sunlight.

What is the safety measures followed with the use of A-Ret Gel .025% (20 gm)?

  • Do not overexpose yourself to the sunlight while using this medication.
  • In case if it important to go out in the sun then use protective measures such as a hat, an umbrella, and a sunscreen.
  • Do not use any skin product containing hydrogen peroxide or benzyl while using this medicament.
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers should always consult her doctor before using this medication.
  • A person who is below the age of 18 years should consult his or her doctor before using this topical preparation.
  • Store this medication in a cool and dry place away from the sunlight and from the reach of children and pets. 

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SKU 1151
US Brand Name Retin A .025% (20gm)
Strength 025% (20gm)
Generic Name Tretinoin Gel USP
Manufacturer Menarini
PharmaceuticalForm Tube/s
Shipped From India

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