Anti Spam Policy at GetYourChemist

It can be irritating to receive junk email or unsolicited bulk email when you are busy. These spam or unwanted mails are usually sent for money or profitable purposes. People associated with such type of activities are called Spammers. Spammers have intentions in sending such type of messages as by doing so they collect the information of others such as email address and many more things. In order to avoid them Anti-spam software or spam filters should be used.

Anti-spam Policy
We maintain a standard procedure of Anti-spam policy, so that our customers don’t receive any spam mails from our site. We like to keep information of our clients confidential and so we don’t share any type of information of our clients with our subsidiaries. Few points of our Anti-spam policy are: -

  • Restrict promotional emails: Our website doesn’t bear any kind of profitable or money making advertisements and product marketing promotion emails. We mail only when our customers send queries or call us for assistance.
  • Rebuff undesired emails: We are a reliable company so we have great regards for our customers. We take every measure to ensure that they won’t receive any unwanted emails from our side.