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Lumigan is the ophthalmic eye solution that is useful for prevention of open-angle glaucoma. Due to excess of an eye pressure, there can happen damage to your eyes. Therefore, you must use those eye drops and so there is drainage of eye fluid. This outflow of fluid will lower down your eye pressure and hence prevents eye damage.

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What is the mode of activity by which Lumigan eye drop works?

Bimatoprost causes the drop down of an eye pressure by raising the flow of aqueous humor from an eye. This Bimatoprost causes the decrease of intraocular eye pressure by elevation of aqueous humor through trabecular meshwork or uveoscleral routes. It also decreases the formation of aqueous formation inside an eye.

What is the dosing strengths of Lumigan eye drop?

These eye drops can be obtained as 0.01%.

What is the method to use Lumigan eye drop?

In order to begin application of those eye drops, tilt your head and then lower your eyelid to form pockets. Squeeze single eye drop in the affected eye. Then close your eyes for some time so that liquid does not get drained out. Keep pressing your finger at inside corner of your eye so that solution does not get drained outwards.

What are the contraindications you must keep following always?

  • One must never put those eye drops when you have some sensitive reaction towards this.
  • One must not instill those eye drops when you have swelling or eye inflammation.
  • One must not put those eye drops when you have eye problems such as uveitis.

What are the safety measures you have to keep following?

  • Take out your contact lenses before instilling your eye drops.
  • Do never touch the bottle tip or dropper tip as it may lead to contamination of solution.
  • Do never use it among those patients who are less than 18 years.
  • If using any other eye drops then keep a gap of 5 minutes.
  • Before using it convey your doctor if you are in pregnancy state or lactating state.

What are the sick effects you may observe with Lumigan eye drop?

Some common ill issues you may notice are as oozing from your eyes, high sensitivity towards the light, itching of an eye, redness of an eye, pain around an eye, swelling of an eye, and vision disturbances.

Where must you store Lumigan eye drop?

Do store it at a cool temperature away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Never refrigerate those eye drops.

Where must you obtain those Lumigan eye drops?

Get Lumigan eye drops from our online medicinal mart at a jaw-dropping price with the option of quickest home shipment at your doorsteps.

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