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Susten gel is a topical vaginal preparation used in the women for the treatment of infertility or irregular menstrual cycle by hormone replacement therapy. It treats infertility in women by adaptable ovulation and stimulating the discharge of an egg from the ovaries. It treats infertility by organizing the lining of the womb to obtain a fertilized egg. The gel may also be used through in vitro fertilization (IVF) when infertility, in women who have normal ovulatory menstrual cycles, may be due to harms with the fallopian tubes or the womb. 

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Action mechanism of Susten gel 1.35gm-

Susten Gel surrounds the active component progesterone is a synthetic form of a female sexual hormone. The progesterone hormone is vital for the functioning of the female reproductive system. It shows its action by growing progesterone levels to trigger the discharge of an egg from the ovaries so that it may be fertilized naturally. In this way, it may trigger fertility and by filling the space of hormone, it regulates the menstrual cycle.

Method of application for Susten gel 1.35gm-

Susten gel eight %( 1.35gm) comes as a gel topical preparation. The medication needs to be applied once in a day, however, the dose may be varying depending upon the condition of a patient. Do not vary your dose by yourself without doctor consultation. The gel should be applied directly to the vagina by use of the applicator integrated with the medication. The applicator should be placed in into the vagina and a small amount of cream dispensed. Applied the gel either in sitting position or lying on your back with the knees twisted. Wash the applicator after every use to prevent the further contamination.

Conflicting factors of Susten gel 1.35gm-

  • Susten Gel (Progesterone) should not be used to care for patients who are breastfeeding
  • The use of Susten gel is not permitted if you have porphyrias, or have unexplained vaginal bleeding.
  • The use of Susten gel is not permitted if you have an allergic reaction to progesterone or breast cancer and pelvic cancer complications.

Precautionary measures of Susten gel 1.35gm-

  • Avoid the ingestion of alcohol and cigarette smoking while relying on treatment with Susten gel.
  • If any allergic reaction like difficulty breathing or swallowing, chest tightness, swelling, skin rashes, and hives happen with the use of gel then rush to the nearest hospital.
  • If you are taking any herbal products or having any health problem then consult with a doctor before using gel.
  • It may grounds sleepiness or drowsiness. If this come about to you, do not drive or use machinery.

Adverse effects of Susten gel 1.35gm-

Patients using Susten Gel may encounter unwanted side effects such as:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Cramps
  • Stomach pain
  • Vaginal spotting
  • Breast swelling or pain
  • Low sexual drive

Additional Information

SKU 833
US Brand Name Crinone 1.35gm
Strength 1.35 gm
Generic Name Progesterone
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
PharmaceuticalForm Tube/s
Shipped From India

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