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Soma helps in giving relief in the pain sensation that can occur in the human body due to any of the musculoskeletal disorder such as muscle tremor, muscle spasm or muscle stiffness. Soma medication is supposed to work as a muscle relaxant whose therapeutic activity is shown by inhibiting the pathway of nerve impulse that is passing from nerve to brain. Soma medicine is believed to give short-term relief from the pain sensation and gives a normal routine without any pain. Soma medication, when used with some moderate physical exercises, is supposed to give better and satisfied outcomes.

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Mechanism of Action of Soma 500 mg:

The active beneficial moiety present in Soma is Carisoprodol. Carisoprodol is supposed to construct its medical effect by producing an interruption in the neuronal communication found among the reticular formation and spinal cord. This medication further gives enhancement in sedative effect and reduction in pain sensation is achieved. Carisoprodol is not found to directly act on the skeletal muscles rather it functions as a CNS depressant agent that belongs to both sedative and skeleton muscle relaxants class of drug.

Proper dosing scheme for Soma 500 mg medication:

The dosing strength of Soma is 500 mg that is easily available on our online drug pharmacy.

One single tablet of Soma 500 mg is engulfed orally with sufficient amount of water. One tablet of Soma 500 mg shows effective results when taken twice a day. The treatment for muscle pain with the medication of Soma 500 mg should not be stretched above the limited duration of 2-3 weeks. The maximum dose a person can take in a complete day should not exceed the extreme limit of 1400 mg. The intake of the drug can be made with food or without food as per wish.

Contradictory factors with Soma 500 mg:

  • If allergic to generic of the drug or Meprobamate drugs, contradict the use of Soma/Pro-Soma.
  • The person suffering from porphyria is prohibited to use Soma/Pro-Soma.
  • Soma medicine should be contradicted to the patients having any renal disorder, liver dysfunction, or with a history of seizures.

Protective tips to be followed with Soma 500 mg:

  • Cease the consumption of alcohol or grapefruit juices during the medication p.
  • The pregnant woman or lactating mothers should not use Soma 500 mg without consulting the doctor
  • Heavy meals or fast food can cause a decrease in the medicinal effect of the medication. 
  • The drug is not safe for the individual who is below the age of 16 years
  • The drug may produce some effects of dizziness and sleepiness; so do avoid driving heavy machinery or vehicles after the intake of this drug.

Unexpected side effects with Soma 500 mg:

Drowsiness, dizziness, sore throat, stomach discomfort, mood swings, fever, vomiting, headache, unusual tiredness, and weakness are the general side issues found with the utilization of Soma 500 mg medicine.

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