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Use of GetYourChemist comes with its terms and conditions which must be followed by the people using this website. The terms and condition enlist your accountabilities and rights; therefore it is mandatory to go thoroughly through these terms and conditions before using this website for placing your order. Use of this website by you encloses all the agreements for the rules, which you are bound to follow.  Our website holds the right to alter or refurbish the terms of use and the conditions without any prior notice.

The information provided on this website does not ensure any diagnosis, treatment, prevention or medical prescription of any disease or condition. We do not guarantee the complete or accurate information on any of the given products on this website as we only provide information to medical and health conditions, products and treatments for educational purpose only.  Therefore you need to be clear of the product before purchasing it from the website.

At GetYouChemist we can assure you that we do not utilize your personal information anywhere except at the time of order placement, drafting our newsletter, during the survey or advertising statement, and while you are browsing the website. So, you can be assured that the information you provide on our website remains confidential.  Your personal information will never be disclosed to the third party whatsoever. We also hold the right to suspend or reject your access to this website or any segment of our website without any prior notice.

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The products you choose to buy from us is your choice and thus our website cannot be held accountable for any loss, damage, a side effect caused by using these products. Similarly, if your computer, the laptop is affected with viruses and other malware while visiting our websites then we will not be lawfully responsible for the sincerity, legality, dependability, or reputation of these websites, therefore are advised to visit those websites at your own risks.

Imitation of the content on this website such as images, articles, diagrams, text, logos, design, blogs, product descriptions, and audio or video clips is prohibited. All this content is licensed and owned by us.  The content present on this website is for the purpose of information and education of our customers and copying of any of these for the personal benefit of an individual is condemned.

This website is intended to be viewed and utilized for people above 18 years of age and children who belong to the age group of 13 years and above require the supervision of their parents to visit and access our website.

All disagreements pertaining to, happening at or in coalition with the use of our website or during or after the purchase made by you shall be settled  by a private authority that should be selected by the joint permission of the company and yourself. For anything reserved under the term of use, we shall not be legally accountable for any losses occurred.