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Cyclomune is a liquid eye care preparation, which is mainly used for the treatment of mild to severe dryness condition of the eyes. Generic Cyclosporine is a highly vibrant component present in this eye drop and it belongs to the group of medications known as Immunomodulator and simply works by increasing the tear production and provides relief from the eye dryness.  It is also utilized for managing the symptoms of itching, irritation and common irritation of the eyes. 

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Detailed Product Description of Cyclomune Eye Drop-

Cyclomune contains generic Cyclosporine as a main pharmaceutical ingredient in this eye drop. It is considered as an Immunomodulator and it is utilized to treat the certain eye disorders like keratoconjunctivitis (dryness of the eyes). It acts by reducing the inflammation in the eyes and permit the synthesis of tear production into the eyes. Furthermore, itching, irritation and inflammation of the eyes can be easily overcome by the regular use of Cyclomune eye drop.

Why Cyclomune Eye Drop Is Prescribed?                                            

Cyclomune is indicated for the treatment of following conditions like-

  • Increases the tear production within the eyes
  • Treatment of keratoconjunctivitis

 Instructions While Using Cyclomune Eye Drop-

  • Properly clean your eyes with cold water.
  • Remove the outer carton and then remove the cap of eye drop carefully.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Tilt your head and keep the dropper away from your eyes.
  • Compress eye drop slowly and allow one drop fall into your eye.
  • Repeat the same procedure to another eye.
  • Close your eyes at least for 2minutes after the use of eye drop.
  • Remain it tightly close after the use.
  • You can use 1 drop two times in a day.

Adverse Effects of Cyclomune Eye Drop-

  • Burning and stinging sensation
  • Eye pain
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Vague vision
  • Overflow of tears
  • Eye discharge

Contraindication of Cyclomune Eye Drop

Under some medical circumstances, Cyclomune eye drop is not prescribed-

  • If you have an allergy towards generic Cyclosporine
  • If you have any kind of eye infection
  • Pediatric patients under the age group of 12 years should not use this eye drop.
  • In case of pregnant and breastfeeding ladies

What Should I Avoid While Using Cyclomune Eye Drop?

  • Driving should be strictly prohibited after using the eye drop as it may cause faintness.
  • Properly wash your hands before or after the use of eye drop.
  • Remove your contact lens before using the eye drop.
  • Don’t touch the tip of eye drop with your hands as it may cause contamination.
  • Don’t use any other eye drop just before or after 15 minutes of using Cyclomune eye drop.

Way to Store Cyclomune Eye Drop-

  • Store this eye drop away from the direct exposure of sunbeam, heat and moisture.
  • Don’t freeze the eye drop.
  • Keep it away from the reach and sight of kids.

If You Miss a Dose of Cyclomune Eye Drop-

Properly use the dose of this eye drop, in any case if you miss any dose of this medication, then get it as soon as you memorize.

Don’t use two drops of Cyclomune at a same time.

If You Instill an Excess Amount of Cyclomune Eye Drop-

Immediately seek advice from your physician if you face any symptoms related to overdose of Cyclomune.

Additional Information

SKU 284
US Brand Name Cyclosporine 05% - 3 ml
Strength 3 ml Eye Drop
Generic Name Cyclosporine
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
PharmaceuticalForm Eye Drop/s
Shipped From India

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