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Cytotec is a medical method of abortion used by 95% of women in the USA for concluding pregnancy up to 7 weeks. It gives 96% success rate of abortion without any harm to the body. It is very safe and secure way of pregnancy termination at home, as it does not involve the use of any surgical apparatus, anesthesia or hospitalization. Moreover, women can execute abortion at home without visiting the doctor behind her doorsteps. It encloses of Misoprostol as a main functional component, which is an FDA approved the drug for the abortion.

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Action mechanism of Cytotec Abortion Pills-

Misoprostol is a Prostaglandin moiety that executes its main action by contracting the uterus so that baby gets expel out from the uterus. To make the process easy it first makes the baby soften by blocking the functioning of pregnancy hormone. After that, it causes the shedding of uterus lining so that baby is separated from the womb. In final, it contracts the vaginal walls and throws out the baby from the womb in the form of vaginal bleeding heavier than the normal periods.

Dosage schedule of Cytotec Abortion Pills-

A Misoprostol oral abortion pill comes in a pack of 12 tablets of 200mcg. The women have to take all of the 12 tablets in a single day for the successful abortion. You have to take the medication in a bunch of 4 tablets after a gap of 4 hours in a day either orally or vaginally. The intake of the drug may produce vaginal bleeding after completion of dosage and last for the period of 2 days. Hence, after a gap of two days, women have to schedule the meeting with the doctor for abortion verification.

Conflicting factors of Cytotec Abortion Pills-

  • Do not go for abortion with Cytotec if you experience sensitivity reaction with Misoprostol.
  • If you have medical issues of liver, kidney, heart, blood, pelvic complication and breast cancer then, in that case, do not execute medical abortion.
  • The medication may pass through the milk and harm the baby, so do not take Cytotec if you are breastfeeding.

Safety measures of Cytotec Abortion Pills-

  • If you have, ectopic pregnancy then does not execute abortion with Cytotec tablets.
  • The intake of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited while having an abortion.
  • Do not take diet having fatty food while having an abortion.
  • You should have to take proper rest and avoid the swimming and driving like activities.
  • Do not place any IUD device while going for abortion process.
  • The vaginal bleeding lasts for 2 days until then do not make intimate contact with the partner.
  • Do not take Cytotec if you are relying on Oxytocin medication.

Side effects of Cytotec Abortion Pills-

The women may experience some side effects while taking tablets of Cytotec as if body pain, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding and irregular spotting. 

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SKU Cytotec Abortion Pills
US Brand Name Cytotec 200mcg
Strength 200 mcg
Generic Name Misoprostol
Manufacturer Cipla
PharmaceuticalForm Tablet/s
Shipped From India

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