Drug Policy at GetYourChemist

We are the leading provider of Generic medicines

Generic drugs are in no way inferior to brand-name drugs. They are just less expensive. Generic drug manufacturers do not spend money on advertisements as the Branded Companies do so they pass on the savings to the general mass. Generic drugs are mostly preferred as they are cheaper than branded drugs.

Generic drug description-

Generic drugs are manufactured and distributed without patent cover, but their formulation can be patented.

  • Generic drugs are usually cheaper than the branded drugs as, for innovative brand names of medication require 10-12 years and millions of money. In addition to that their advertising and marketing techniques require huge amount of money. But this is not the case with generic medicine so they are cheap.

  • Generic pills don’t require any additional advertising. Their production doesn’t require new formulas or production technologies. Moreover there is no additional burden on manufacturers regarding the safety and efficacy of the generic drugs. So they are available at a cheap rate.