Now you don’t have to worry about the time taking transactions in Banks. You can save both time and money while performing your business via E-check. E-check is a secure form of payment via internet that is designed to perform the same function as paper check. As this is an electronic format, this can be processed in seldom steps and has better security features than standard paper check. There is various security features provided in electronic checks that includes authentication, digital signature, public key cryptography and encryption. Due to the response of transactions that have risen in the world of electronic commerce, E-checks have been developed. E-check can be used to make any type of transaction that a paper check is entitled to and is governed by the same laws that applies to paper check.

If you have to transfer money to someone else you can convert a paper check into an electronic transfer that takes funds from your account and places them to the bearer’s account via E-check. All the transactions via E-check are monitored by the Federal Reserve Bank’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. It is a faster, secure and less-expensive way to get or transfer your money.

We receive our payment only via e-check for security purposes. We don’t want you to encounter with fraud websites. An e-check can help you transfer your money directly from your bank account in a secure way. It’s the same as writing a check but this time it is done electronically. When you opt for e-check you opt for maximum security. Once the request is made for e-check transaction, the processing gets started. You will get a verification call before your money is deducted from your account. Once you verify the call and give your approval of the transaction then the money gets deducted from your account. And once the payment is confirmed we start our shipping process to get things delivered to you within the minimum time span.