Fair and Lovely Anti-Marks Fairness Cream - 25 gm  

Fair and Lovely Anti-marks Fairness Cream

Fair and Lovely Anti-marks Fairness Cream is a widely used medication for the treatment of marks, spots in the skin and helps to accomplish the natural tone of the skin. The use of this medication keeps skin away from the pimples, acne, dark spots, dirt and dust providing a clear, radiant and glowing complexion. This also prevents the harmful radiations of the sun and stimulates healthy cell formation and prevents the occurrence of new spots. This cream is beneficial for both male and female depending on the skin conditions

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Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Glyceryl Mono-Stearate, Isohexadecane, Decyl Oleate, Vitamin B3, Polyacrylamide, C-13-C14 Isoparaffin Laurth-7, Titanium Dioxide, Water, Stearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Octyl Methoxy Dibenzoyl Methane, Ammonium acryloyl dimethyl taurate Co-Polymer, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Concentrates.

Working action:

Because of Vita-Aloe combination in Fair & Lovely Anti marks cream along with Vitamin B3, E, fruit concentrates, Aloe Vera constituents, this anti marks cream as topical preparation is used externally for lightening the dark spots, blemishes and fight unnecessary pigmentation increase.  The reappearance of marks and darkening of the skin is prevented further because of sunscreen property of Fair & Lovely Anti marks cream. This cream is enriched with the goodness of antioxidants with revitalizing formula.

How should Fair and Lovely cream be used?

Before using Fair and Lovely an individual is suggested to wash hands and face and recommended to use two times daily topically. Take the sufficient amount of cream on your finger then gently rub it on the skin thoroughly do massage for proper mixing. You have to use the medication on regular basis for the best result. Do not take more than the recommended dose of this medication as it can show unwanted effects. If you have severe acne and oily skin then use this cream with recommendation and precautions.

Safety measures while using the cream:

  • The cream should not be used in the cut, wounded, irritated, or inflamed skin or your skin condition may worsen.
  • You must keep the cream away from eyes, mouth, lips, and inside of the nose. If accidental contact happens, then rinse thoroughly with water.
  • The chances of side effects along with this cream are very less but if you come across with any severe unwanted effects then talk to the doctor before treatment.
  • If you have to go for an outing after using the cream then cover your face and in the case of pregnancy consult the doctor.

Storage condition: Store the Fair and Lovely Anti-marks Fairness Cream at room temperature and keep it away from heat and sunlight. 

Additional Information

SKU 412
US Brand Name Fair and Lovely Anti-marks Fairness Cream 25gm
Strength 25 gm
Generic Name Fair and Lovely Anti-marks Fairness Cream
Manufacturer Hindustan Unilever Limited
PharmaceuticalForm Tube/s
Shipped From India

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