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Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder in man and in which they are unable to sustain an erection for the satisfactory duration. Japani Oil is an eminent medication often suggested for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence. The use of this medication helps in providing strength to the tired muscles of the male genital area. 

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Japani oil is a potent of herbal solution can be helpful to enhance the sexual stamina of a male, premature ejaculation, and other sexual problems. However, the oil is safe to use and there is no injurious chemical found in the medication. Japani Oil naturally nourishes reproductive part that helps to make your sexual life better and counter your all complications related to erection. This medicine provides all the nutrients that plays an essential role in getting the best possible sexual experience. Application of this medicine over your genital area will enhance the blood circulation since you accomplish hard and prolonged erection for the satisfactory duration. Therefore, using this medication you can successful enjoy the sexual relationship with your partner as it will may resolve all the erection related issues.

Ingredients in Japani Oil:

Each 10ml of japani oil contains:

  • Harttal 125 mg
  • Keshar 50 mg
  • Malla 50 mg
  • Akarkara 100 mg
  • Laung 100 mg
  • Jaitoon Oil QS
  • Malkangni 25 mg
  • Tilli oil QS

The dosing regimen of Japani Oil:

Japani Oil is a topical solution to be used over the skin. For the treatment of erection related disorder, you are recommended to use the oil twice a day once in the morning and in the evening. You have to take 10-15 drops of the oil on your palm and slowly massage it over the skin part of your genital organ. Do not use more than recommended dose as it can be obnoxious in case of misssed dose use as early as possible before

Use for an only short period of time:  This medication is recommended to use for a short period. Your body has to follow the natural process somewhere, you cannot rely on the product on a permanent basis. This may then obstruct with the bodily functions in many ways.

Side effects: This is a herbal medication, therefore, the chances of side effects are very less. But one should avoid using more than suggested to avoid unwanted effects.

Storage Condition: Store the oil in dark container at room temperature away from heat and direct sunlight. Keep it out of reach from children and pets.

Important informations:

  • This medication is for external use only, therefore, avoid using it to any internal or any other parts of the body (open part or cut of sex organ).
  • While using this medicine avoid taking any other sexual products or talk to the doctor if you have to use.
  • Avoid taking alcohol, grapefruit juice, and any nitrate products along with the medication. 

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