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This comes under the azole anti-fungal classification. This functions by halting the growth of fungus. It also works over yeast infections. Sometimes fungus invades our nails, mouth, urinary tract, skin, throat, and esophagus. In those, Nizral is the best alternative. It is also known to treat Cushing's syndrome.

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Know about the mode of activity through which Nizral  200 mg functions inside our body

Ketoconazole has a similar structure to Imidazole. It causes interference with the fungal synthesis of Ergosterol thus, raising fungal cellular permeability. It may stop endogenous respiration, prohibition of yeast transformation to mycelial forms, prohibition of purine uptake, interaction with membrane phospholipids, and impairment of phospholipids. It also stops the production of thromboxane and sterols.

Know about the dosage structure of Nizral 200 mg tablets-

It is to be taken one within a day or as described by your doctor. Consume it with enough of water through an oral route. Use this at same timing every day as the medication works best when used so. Use it with food to reduce stomach upset.

Missed dose: If you skip taking any dose then use it as soon you recall or if next dosing time is near then begin from that day only. Remember not to double the dose.

Know about the contraindications with which Nizral 200 mg tablets functions inside our body-

  • You should not give your milk to your baby as this drug flows through milk.
  • You should not use when having allergies to azole antifungals.

Know about the safety precautionary measures while you use Nizral 200 mg tablets-

  • Do not booze as alcohol levels up the possibility of liver disorder.
  • Older patients may be highly sensitive to its action so be careful when using in elderly.
  • In pregnancy, it may be harmful in first three months so use after doctor permission.
  • Immediately stop the use in case you have dizziness, fainting, loss of consciousness, irregular heart rate, and lightheadedness.
  • While taking antacid then keep 2-hour gap prior to antacids and 1-hour gap after use of antacids.

Know about the aftermaths that may get precipitated after using this medicine

Some commonly occurring harmful effects that raise with its use are as mood changes, loss of appetite, breast enlargement, less sensual drive, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, weight loss, and vision changes. Some serious ill effects are as rash, itching, extreme tiredness, weakness, difficulty breathing, weakness, and swelling of eyes/face/hands.

Know about the storage requirements about the Nizral 200 mg tablets-

Keep storing it at a room temperature away from moisture and heat. Keep away from children reach.

Know some possible drugs that cause interaction

Some common possible drug interaction may happen with Atorvastatin, Budesonide, Buspirone, Calcium channel blockers, Cancer medications, Digoxin, Haloperidol, and HIV medicament.

Know the place to purchase NIZRAL 200 mg-

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SKU 565
US Brand Name Nizoral 200mg
Strength 200mg
Generic Name Ketoconazole
Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, India
PharmaceuticalForm Tablet/s
Shipped From India

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