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Acomplia can be given to patients in order to shed excessive body weight. This may also be given to people who have excessive weight and are depressed due to it. This belongs to cannabinoid receptor inhibitor. People who have high body weight needs to manage weight. This medication proves its worth in combating weight issues.

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What is the mode of activity by which Acomplia 20 mg  works inside a body?

Rimonabant is known as CB1 cannabinoid receptor antagonists. The endocannabinoid functions to works as an appetitive drive. This medicine helps in eliminating overactivity of the endocannabonoid system (ethanol, obesity, and drug abuse).

What are the uses about the medicine Acomplia 20 mg?

  • This medicine helps obese patients to shed kilos who are also suffering with type 2 diabetes and abnormal fat level.
  • This helps in reducing the waist size among men-102 cm and women-88 cm to least value.
  • This helps in switching brain circuits that induces hunger among people.
  • This is also used for smoke cessation in people.
  • There are chances that your short-term memory may get improved.

What is the dosage scheme of this medicine Acomplia 20 mg?

The two strengths of this medicine is Acomplia such as 10 mg, and 20 mg. Each tablet should be taken prior to breakfast every day in the morning session. Consume it with sufficient water.

What are the contraindication that has to be followed always?

  • Do not consume in the case when you have a severe allergic reaction towards this medicine.
  • Do not consume in case having the hepatic disorder, and renal disorder.
  • Do not consume when having a history of stroke, or heart failure.
  • Do not consume when having pregnancy state or lactating state.
  • Do not consume when having an age group of below 16 years.

What are the safety tips that need to be followed?

  • Alcoholic drinks will bring about worse effects so shun those drinks.
  • There are chances of dizziness that happens with this medicine so be careful of tough tasks.
  • Along with this medicine, also have proper diet management and physical activity.

What are some common sick issues that arise with the intake of this medicine?

Some common aftereffects that precipitate with this are as the inability to get to sleep, high blood pressure, depression, petulance, disgust, emetic, and worry state. There are chances of mood swings and depression.

What is the storage requirement about the medicine Acomplia 20 mg?

Keep storing at a room temperature that is away from sunlight, moisture, and heat. Do never refrigerate. Store at a safe place away from small children.

Where from you must obtain Acomplia?

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