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Women have right to take the decision to have a baby or not, as many situations make their decision harder and lead to pregnancy termination that includes of financial stability, career, pregnancy before marriage, rape, and much more. In this entire situation, women look for the abortion process. They choose the medical method over surgical procedure as of various advantages of the medical method. RU486 abortion pills are one such kind of drug comes under the category of medical abortion and used for the termination of early pregnancy of 7 weeks. It is very safe and reliable method to execute abortion at home. It provides assurance of 95% of successful abortion

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Action mechanism of RU486 pill-

RU486 surrounds of Mifepristone as a main functional component. The drug executes its action by hampering the activity of progesterone hormone essential for the continuation of pregnancy. The obstruction of hormone hampers the supply of oxygen, other nutrients required for the fetus growth, and start shedding down the lining of uterus wall from which baby is attached to the womb. It also makes uterus to contract when taken in combination with Misoprostol and expel out the fetus from the womb.

Dosage regimen of RU486 pill-

The Drug encloses of a pack of three tablets of Mifepristone 200mg. the women have to take three tablets of 200mg orally with an enormous amount of water. After 2 days, women have to visit the doctor for the final abortion confirmation. If few residue of pregnancy left in the body, then women have to take 2 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg orally or vaginally. You have to visit again to the doctor for the final verification of abortion process.

Incompatible factors of RU486 pill-

  • The intake of the drug is prohibited in the women if they are sensitive towards the Mifepristone and Misoprostol.
  • Do not go for abortion with RU486 if you are suffering from liver, kidney, heart and breast cancer or endometrial cancer complications.
  • If you are a lactating mother then do not perform an abortion with RU486 as the drug may pass to the milk and harm the baby.

Safety measures of RU486 pill-

  • The intake of fatty food and grapefruit juices is strictly prohibited with the RU486 pill.
  • Do not perform an abortion of ectopic pregnancy with the RU486 abortion pill.
  • Avoid the ingestion of alcohol and smoking while taking RU486 pill for abortion.
  • Remove out the IUD device from the womb while performing abortion process.
  • Do not make physical contact with the partner until the complete bleeding was not stopped completely.
  • Avoid driving, swimming and weightlifting kind activity after the intake of RU486 pills.
  • You may experience heavy vaginal bleeding during an abortion so take proper rest and healthy diet during an abortion.

Side effects of RU486 pill-

The women having an abortion may experience some side effects like as of body pain, muscle pain, pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, breast tenderness, vomiting, nausea, and headache.

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