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This medicine is to be orally given in female patient in whom there is less amount of progesterone hormone. This medicine causes lowering of menopausal symptoms and reduces the risk of uterus cancer. It also regulates menstrual cycle among women. This one medicine is also useful as a contraceptive. This one is classified as progestins. It functions by altering the endometrial lining and also decreases the level of estrogens inside the uterus. 

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What is the mode of activity about the medicine Susten 100 mg?

Progesterone hormone belongs to steroid class that helps in regulation of mammalian reproduction. One important activity of this hormone is to cause regulation of function and development of female uterus. It stimulates luteal activity and alters the uterus and vagina.

What is the dosing scheme about the medication Susten 100 mg?

To treat premenstrual issue start using the treatment on the 14th day of menstrual cycle and do continue it up till the occurrence of menstruation. To sustain a pregnancy, start using two times per week and have injections 25-100 mg from day 15th until 12-14 days of gestation. The dose can be raised up to 200 mg. For abnormal uterine bleeding, use 5-10 mg every day for about 5-10 regular days up till 2 days before probable menstruation.

What are the contraindications you have to follow if using Susten 100 mg?

  • Do not use in the case while you are prone to sensitive reaction with this.
  • Do not use in case you are prone to the abnormal bleeding syndrome.
  • Do not use in case you are prone to breast cancer problem.
  • Do not use in case patient has an incomplete miscarriage.
  • Do not use if you have any history of seizures.
  • Do not use in case patient has a hepatic disorder or is pregnant.

What are the precautions if you have to use Susten 100 mg?

  • You should have a regular examination of the breast.
  • This is not to be used among children's.
  • Keep a check on your blood sugar levels.
  • Tell your doctor if planning a pregnancy.

What are the drugs that may possibly interact with this medicine?

Some drugs that highly cause interaction areas Phenytoin, Estradiol, Rifampin, and Carbamazepine.

What are the storage requirements about the medicine Susten 100 mg?'

Do store it in a place away from heat, moisture, and sunlight. Keep away from small children reach.

What are the sick effects seen after using Susten 100 mg medicine?

The possible ill ailments that arise with this medication are a rise in body temperature, breast enlargement, edema, headache, esophageal reflux, and acne problem.

Where from you can avail Susten?

You can obtain SUSTEN from our online drug mart at a reasonable cost with service of superfast home shipment at your doors!!

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SKU 830
US Brand Name Prometrium 100mg
Strength 100 mg
Generic Name Progesterone
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
PharmaceuticalForm Tablet/s
Shipped From India

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