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I have used Meds Mart Drug for five years now and have been satisfied with the medications.
Anonymous Dallas TX 24 Jun, 2015
I have always been skeptical of things that seem too good to be true. So placing my order was a big leap of faith for me. My first order was only one of my medications; I didn't want to order all of them and have them not arrive or be of such poor quality that I would have to purchase replacements. Let me tell you the shipment arrived in record time and I couldn't tell the difference between the more expensive medication from my pharmacy and the one from Meds Mart Drugs. The next time I needed a refill I had my doctor fax all of my prescriptions to Meds Mart Drugs.
Alexander G. Belling Philadelphia PA 15 Mar, 2013
I have been ordering from Meds Mart Drugs for almost a year and have never been disappointed with my order. Keep up the great work. Will tell all my friends about your company.
Lulu Stevens Virginia USA 11 Mar, 2013
My doctor has wanted me to take several different medications for my cholesterol but there was no way I could afford them from my usual pharmacy. The receptionist in the doctor's office suggested I check out online pharmacies. Even without using my RX insurance I saved $400 dollars. I am now able to take the medications I need and still pay my bills and eat every month!
Anonymous Chicago, IL 08 Mar, 2013
I love, love, love Meds Mart Drugs. Not only can I get my prescriptions refilled but I can order my beauty supplies at the same time.
Wendy Williamson New York City, New York 05 Mar, 2013
Thank You Meds Mart Drugs, I safe $50 on my prescription!
Paul Holgren Green Bay, WI 01 Mar, 2013
I have ordered from Meds Mart Drugs many times and this is the first time I have received a damaged package. When I called Customer Service they assured me a new shipment would be sent within 24 hours. I received the replacement package 5 days later. Thank you!
Bjorn Olesen Stockholm, Sweden 27 Feb, 2013
I received my order 2 days earlier than expected--how great is that! If you have any doubts about the service you will receive, I have to tell I have had no complaints and this is my 10th order this year.
Bill Haroldson Johnson Creek, MN 23 Feb, 2013
GREAT COMPANY AND EXCELLENT PRODUCTS! I have never orders my medications from an online pharmacy before so I was a bit skeptical but my friend said she was thrilled with her order, so I decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did. The products are equal in quality as the ones I bought at my local pharmacy but they cost $$ less. Will refill through Meds Mart Drugs from now on.
Elizabeth Barton Chicago, IL 19 Feb, 2013
When I talked to my physician about getting my meds from an Indian Pharmacy he was cynical to say the least about the quality of the medications I would receive but agreed to send one of prescriptions to Meds Mart Drugs to see. When I received the medication I took it with me to my next appointment and show him the literature that came with the prescriptions and he said that he was impressed and said if I wanted he would fax the rest of my prescriptions to Meds Mart Drugs. Now I only get my meds from you. Thanks.
Charles T. Evanston, IL 09 Feb, 2013
WOW! The BEST! If you are skeptical about ordering online you don't have to worry with Meds Mart Drugs.
James Tennessee USA 20 Jan, 2013
Bravo! Meds Mart Drugs has the best products and prices of any of the online pharmacies I've visited.
Stanley Higgins Dallas TX 11 Jan, 2013
I was amazed how fast my orders are shipped and delivered to me. Any time I have had a question I have always been able to talk to a customer service rep within minutes of calling. No long waits on hold and my questions are answered to my satisfaction every time. I know I can order from Meds Mart Drugs with confidence!
Brenda Johns Indianapolis, IN USA 07 Jan, 2013
I just received my third order from Meds Mart Drugs. I couldn't be happier with the speed of delivery, the excellent help from customer service, or the quality of the products. I will definitely keep placing my orders with Meds Mart Drugs.
Sandy W. Franchechesi Willington, DE USA 02 Jan, 2013
MedsMartDrugs is clearly the BEST online pharmacy out there!
Jake Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 30 Jul, 2013
My house is in a remote part of town with most convenience stores, pharmacies, etc. at a distance. Under such circumstances, MedsMartDrugs came into my life as a blessing from above since I can order the medications I need, without even stepping out of my house, at a fraction of what it would cost me to go out and buy, even after shipping costs!
Shania Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 19 Aug, 2013
On MedsMartDrugs, what I particularly like the most is that I can search for the medications that I need, with complete ease. Typically, on all other online pharmacies, I had a rather tough time finding the medications I sought. This was rather frustrating, since it ate away the little time that I had away from work. But on MedsMartDrugs, things are really a breeze and I am done in a jiffy!
Tim Jefferson City, Missouri, USA 19 Oct, 2013
Even after shipping costs, the medications on MedsMartDrugs turned out to be so much cheaper than what I pay here in Perth. Wow, I am floored!
Jack Perth, Australia 09 Feb, 2014
I am so happy, Grazie!
Mike Tampa, Florida, USA 30 May, 2014
MedsMartDrugs is clearly value for money exemplified!
Bill Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 21 Aug, 2014
When it comes to prices of their medications, they have to be one of the lowest I have ever seen!
Nicky London, England 11 Aug, 2014
MedsMartDrugs has one of the most extensive ranges of medications you will find on any online store – I can assure you that!
Beth Sarasota, Florida, USA 09 Sep, 2014
I am so glad that I found MedsMartDrugs, completely by chance! Their service is truly exemplary!
Nick Boise, Idaho, USA 19 Oct, 2014
With local pharmacies charging so much for medications, I had to find an alternative avenue for my medicines, especially since I need so many of them, not only for myself but my wife (we are both quite old in our late 80s). Under such circumstances, came into our lives like a much needed breath of fresh air!
Dale Quincy, Illinois, USA 24 Jul, 2014
I never ever look at any other online pharmacy other than MedsMartDrugs for my regular supply of medications…I am just so loyal to their stupendous level of service and professionalism!
Cindy Chautauqua, New York, USA 20 Jul, 2014
Kudos to MedsMartDrugs for delivering my medications ahead of the time as promised, just when I had run out of my regular supplies…they went out of their way just to ensure that I had the medications I so badly need!
Dorothy Chicago, Illinois, USA 18 May, 2013
The ease, with which I can find the medications my dad needs, on MedsMartDrugs, when I simply cannot find them anywhere else, is simply astounding. These folks are outstanding!
Jeff Nashua, New Hampshire, USA 05 Jul, 2014
After immigrating to the US from India, I missed my Indian medications. But with MedsMartDrugs, that has never been a concern at all! Thank you MedsMartDrugs!!
Susie Dothan, Alabama, USA 01 Jul, 2014
Being a computer expert, ordering online has always been my practice, long before folks around me started to indulge in e-commerce. Ordering medications online was a natural progressive step for me and I have to say that the experience so far with MedsMartDrugs has been absolutely delightful!
Colin Charlottesville, Virginia, USA 18 Jun, 2013
I love the fact that I can order my medications in complete secrecy from them – nobody around me knows about the ailment that I have and I would like that status quo to be maintained as long as possible
Jake London, England 18 Jul, 2013

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