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Under eye gel is a gel based topical formulation, which is applied for the treatment of dark circles around the eyes and also diminishes the fine lines, wrinkles and ageing spots. It can be suitable for all types of skin and it can be used with some cautions. Under eye gel comes in the market in a plastic tube, it is a white opaque tube. It doesn’t cause any harmful adverse effects. 

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Main natural ingredients like rose extract, flaxseed extract, green tea, Aloe Vera and lemon extract are available in this under eye gel. All natural ingredients work in a different ways to treat the skin conditions-

  • Rose extracts constrict skin pores and reduces the ageing spots.
  • Flaxseed oils consists essential oils and proteins to work properly and diminishes the signs of wrinkles.
  • Green tea is an Anti-oxidant, which assists in fill the skin tissues.
  • Aloe Vera moisturize and revitalize the skin and helps to regenerate new skin cells and prevent the signs of ageing and darkening of the skin.

Mode of Action of Under Eye Gel-

After the application of eye gel, it gets easily penetrated into the skin and demonstrate its valuable actions.

Advantages Of Under Eye Gel-

  • It is meant for men and women
  • It reduces the puffiness of the eyes
  • It heals and soothes the skin around the eyes
  • Lighten dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and ageing spots
  • Extremely effective for dark circles
  • Gives instantaneous soothing effects with a cooling sensation

Direction for Applications-

  • Apply uniform, layer of eye gel on the skin around the eyes and gently massage for few minutes.
  • It should be applied regularly tow times (morning or evening) in a day.

Adverse Effects Of Under Eye Gel-

None, as it is an herbal topical formulation.

Drug Interactions Of Under Eye Gel-


Safety and Precautions-

This eye gel should be applied very carefully under the skin of eye, so that it doesn’t get penetrate inside the eye. 

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SKU 1441
US Brand Name Under Eye Gel (Lightens Dark Circle) 20gm
Strength 20gm
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Aroma Magic
PharmaceuticalForm Bottle/s
Shipped From India

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